AIESEC in Malta is an affiliate of AIESEC International, the World’s largest youth‐run organization focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development. Present in a 124 countries and territories with over 90,000 member, it provides students with the opportunity to develop their leadership potential through its two main programs. AIESEC gives its members and students alike the chance to take on leadership as well as exchange opportunities, which are of a voluntary or internship nature.


The Member Committee (National Executive Board) of AIESEC in Malta 2013 – 2014:

National President – Maysoon Al-Attar – maysoon.alattar@aiesec.net

National Vice-President Outgoing Exchange – Claudia Barona – claudia.barona@aiesec.net

National Vice-President Incoming Exchange – Roberta Buhagiar – roberta.buhagiar@aiesec.net

National Vice-President Human Resources – Sara Darmanin – sara1.darmanin@aiesec.net

National Vice-President External Relations – AnnMarie Mangion – annmarie.mangion@aiesec.net

National Vice-President Finance & Legal – Louise Camilleri – louise1.camilleri@aiesec.net

National Communications Responsible – Laura Torres – laura.torres@aiesec.net

Building bridges is the opportunity for your company to get to know AIESEC in Malta.

With more than 8000 current partners worldwide AIESEC is leaving its impact on the corporate social realities of many firms. Yet why do firms such as Microsoft, Nike, UBS, Ericcson and DHL, invest their time and money in AIESEC? What are they gaining out of this?

Don’t you want your company to leave a positive impact on society? Don’t you want your company to be one of those 8000?

Come to Building Bridges and you will find out how to have consistent direct access to 86,000 talented students striving to be tomorrow’s innovators and leaders today! AIESEC members have the know-how, skill and experience in being innovative leaders while acting sustainable, demonstrating integrity and striving for excellence.

Brand your organisation through recognition for your CSR activities while becoming actively involved in the development of young people and future leaders. Set the ground to ensure that talented young people become interested in any opportunities offered by your company.

If you wish to take part in this event kindly contact elizabeth.pulo@aiesec.net by the 12th of April.

Building Bridges will take place on the 19th of April at St. James Cavallier, Valletta.

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